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# MACKAY : Welcome the family man. I am sure that this new beginning will be a good one considering that you will be surrounded by awesome and like minded people here is Osaka who is down to help you anytime. You can keep your cars in the yard as much as you want, even if you leave it there and forget about it no one will touch it, also we are definitely keeping the Supra inside the shop to show it off, I think we will rearrange things inside to get one more space for your R33 too, we will see.

Also if you need any help packing the things up I can definitely jump on the bullet train or plane and be there in two hours or so.. I could even go behind the wheel of R33, so you would save some money that you would spend on towing it. Can't wait for tomorrow, we are waiting for you!

And yeah.. As radcoon said, he lives in Tokyo, skip and his gang is there too, holeecrab, AJ and few others is there too if I am right. But who cares, we all stay in contact and can reach each other in few hours if needed, so no problems there. B)

Ayy ! Thanks a bunch pal ! I'm really looking forward to this ! I don't know if the Supra is show-worthy yet , but if we can squeeze it in there then we'll do it !

Nah bro , it's cool. But if you want to , then heck yeah ! I'm up for a little race between the Supra and the R33 anytime. Actually , now that I think about it , it definitely needs to happen before we start the R33 project ! >:)

Dude , I don't wanna sound like I lived under a rock all this time , but I swear to god I had no idea that others we're in Tokyo as well. Oh well , I'm sure I'll meet them on a saturday or something like that... I literary can't wait for tommorow ! I don't know how I'll manage to sleep tonight with all this hype...