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Hard work forever pays and I'm moving to a better place...

-✔ Alright guys , what's up ? So , todays update is gonna be a little bit short because overall nothing much really happend. So , the first thing to talk about would be the fact that I'm moving to Osaka. I just love that place , my friends are there and I've pretty much set up a job for myself down in Osaka. I became bored of Tokyo because no one I know lives in Tokyo so , I have this amaizing opportunity to move to a better place , and let me tell you , I ain't ditching this plan. I 100% want to continue my life in Osaka. So , you guys may be wondering why am I moving to Osaka. Well , it's because this amaizing friend of mine ( aka Mackay ) arranged things up so I can work for him. God bless that man ! So , since their workshop is in the dock area , I won't be able to find a close place to live , because after all , its near the docks , so I think I'm gonna end up staying at Mackays place for a bit to be able to find a nice appartment to rent for myself. As for the cars , I could temporarily store my cars in the yard of Mackays garage. I've been there a couple of times and that place looks secured af ! Tall fences , great security , I'm 100% my cars will be safe there. -✔

-✔ So , moving to the next part of this update , somehow I managed to sell the Rx-7. Some of you may be asking why I sold it , well , let me tell you. Since I'll be working for Mackay , I'm gonna build my R33 there ( because those guys know their shit ! ) , and in order to build an absolute street beast , I will need money , therefore , I sold the RX-7. I can't lie but I cried a little bit inside when I saw the thing leave the garage. It could've been a nice car to restore but one thing that I started hating is having cars that I don't use in my garage. Anyways , don't be sad , I'm sure that I'll own another RX-7 in the future . Overall , I managed to get a profit out of the Rx-7. I sold it for 7000V$ and all I did was to give it a nice clean-up. -✔

-✔ So , there really isn't anything else to talk about other than this garage. My current garage. Man , I have to say , this was my home and the home of my cars. I made quite some memories here , and learned a lot of stuff , but y'know what ? I just had to switch things up to see the bigger picture. So , tommorow morning I'll get the guys at the towing company down here and they'll put the R33 and the S13 on the trailers , I'm gonna drive the Supra and we're all gonna drive down to Osaka. I can't wait ! Finally I won't have to drive so much to see my friends ! -✔

-✔ So right now I'm packing my things up , which is gonna take quite a while. Hopefully , Osaka will offer me a better life , full of fun and memories. Anyways , I'll see you guys in the next update , which is probably going to be tommorow. It really depends how soon we arrive in Osaka. I'll keep y'all posted . Farewell , Tokyo ! -✔