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# Mr.Stance : Niceeee!
The blacktop is behind my office , in my little junkyard
And if u want i can find some 4AGZE supercharger or some ITB'S...

Added 3 minutes later:

And about the 240 , Isn't so unbalanced , but is more heavy in the front , so it understeers and your levin is more controllable in the corners , but my car is more fast in the straights and in open corners , but in the more sharp corners it understeers just a little...

The ITB comes with the engine so there's really no need. Also the way my brother tuned the whole suspension and engine baffles me, I could've asked him how if I... I can't say it.

Added 17 minutes later:

Here's the parts list:
-4AGE Blacktop block, conrods, cylinder head, rocker & timing cover, oil filter.
-HKS crankshaft, pistons (11.4.1), camshafts & drivebelt.
-Weird custom ITB.
-TODA N1 exhaust system
-TODA flywheel and clutch*
-Koyorad radiator and expansion tank.
-Cusco L.S.D*

*No fault there she just wants an upgrade from the stock one.

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