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Oh man, that blue really fits your Supra, it turned out better than I thought it would, also that color name made me nostalgic af, brings memories about few things in my life, oh well. Don't be sad about your S14, as you know I sold mine too, ours were pretty much same spec even tho we did things different way.
Also what kind of question is that man? I know how much you want to do that RX7 but in my opinion ditch the RX7, get some money, and go all out with R33. I owned FD before, had big expectations and plans for it, but it just wasn't for me, thankfully I traded it for S14. But it is up to you.. :rolleyes:

As for the work at my place.. If you are really, and I mean really serious about it then contact me via email or call me, and we will definitely sort everything out and we might make it happen. Considering that you are in Tokyo, you would need to move to Osaka, also it might be a problem to store all of your cars inside, as our garage is 90% of the time is stuffed with things, so only one or two cars tops, but you could always work on any car inside whenever you want, only storing is a problem, but as you saw the yard is very secure with high fences and other shit, so you could definitely keep as much cars as you want there, also it wouldn't be a problem to get you your own smaller storage garage where you would rent an apartment or whatever you came up with if you want. But anyways, I am sure that we could find a place for you in our squad, also I know what are you capable of when working on cars, so it would be good to have another cool guy in our team. ;)

Will wait for a response from you. :thumbsup: