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#144509   2018-07-11 19:13          
# MACKAY : Cresta now looks like real a "shakotan" build, would have went with something SSR brand myself, but I like your 6666's a lot too. Get a four door R34 or R33 as a drift car as you can cop them quite cheaply right now, but it might be completely different world transitioning from 86', whenever you come around I will let you to take a spin in my four door, maybe you will like how those cars handle.
Thx man, yeah SSR was one of my first choices but hard to get 5H versions these days.
I take that offer for sure! Idk if I'm ready for a Nissan... :D I thought about a X100 Chaser or Mark2... would also fit the collection...

# ErwinFenyvesi23 : As Mackay said , this Cresta does look like a real shakotan car now ! The fitment is on point !
Thx man!
2x ROTM 2018 :)