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Great choice with the wheels for both cars! Especially the Z, Nismo wheels are now where they belong :D and such a clean manual JZX90 was a good find!

# marcus915 :

I mean, of course, this was bound to happen. 326power Chakuriki GT+S coilovers, my go-to choice, and I have ordered Serial9 extended LCA's for the front, as well as poly bushings for most of the suspension.

Hovercraft fitment is wack so..

T! 7! R! 260,000yen brand new from Work Wheels Japan. 18x9.5j +15. Can't wait to throw on my LCA's and lower profile tires so I can go lower and have some
more camber all around.


This car serves as my 'nice' street car because of how comfortable it is to drive in compared to my other cars. But nothing much has really changed, other than I straight traded the Works for a set of GT-R fitment LMGT4's.