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I was kind of intrigued so I went ahead and made a DynamicRim whose size (width and radius) and appearance can be "tuned" furthermore I added a DynamicTyre to this DynamicRim with "tune-able" mesh, size and other params (the wheel params that can passed to the SetupTyre(..) function) the result is interesting :) , I also maintained the paintability of the rims with a trick (I made a RenderRef with a texture array consisting of 10 of the same texture which is handily the paintable one, this ofcourse makes all textures the rim uses paintable even the reflection but reshade overwrites that so no harm done (well at least when reshade is active))
(For this(the dynamic mesh selection) to work I had to make a long list of valid mesh TypeIDs and renderRef TypeIDs for tyres and rims so the solution is not hmm portable but it can be done (and if we'll find a way to get the MeshID of a given renderRef in script it can be made portable aswell, nevertheless the method can easily be used for a single modded rim)

I know it looks silly but at least now we CAN make it look dumb without much hassle.

I added this to the "Ever refreshing patchlink" for SlrrExhaustive