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Welcome to the Sticky Rice Cake - Stickershop. Located in the heart of Tokyo. Here we hook you up with new, custom or rare stickers and slaps for your ride.

TRD Windshield banner. silver, white red or black 20,- V$

Hardcore Tokyo Stickers - 5,-V$ each
Tomo's Auto Co DORI CAR Sticker - 8,- V$ each
Osaka Street Dancer 8,- V$ each
Garage SHAPPLE original 10,- V$ each 9pcs. left
Drift Tengoku Stickers 5,- V$ each
Like Hell Stickers 5,- V$ each

NISMO Windshield banner. silver, white, black or classic 20,- V$

Nismo Stickers 5,-V$ each
Nissan Osaka Sticker original 10,-V$ 3 pcs. left
Equip Stickers 5,- V$ each
Mostbois Stickers 4,-V$ each
Mostbois Vinyl 5,-V$
Option Mag Stickers 7,-V$ each
Ae86 Soul Sticker 5,-
Team Rowdy Sticker 5,-
Specter CRS Sticker original 10,- 19 pcs. left
Specter Sticker original 12,-V$ 4 pcs. left

Koguchi Power Stickers 5,-V$ each
Koguchi Power Vinyl 10,-V$
Tokunatsu Factory Stickers 7,-V$ each
Mooneye "Welcome to Yokohama" 5,-V$
Wata Quality Stickers 5,-V$ each
Wata Quality Vinyl 10,-V$
Night runner Stickers 5,-V$
Death Clique "Kawai till I die" Sticker 8,-V$ 12 pcs. left
Death Clique Sticker 5,-V$
Nakamura World Sticker original 10,-V$ 10 pcs. left
CS Garage SR20 Stickers 5,-V$
Sugoi Stickers 5,-V$ each

Night Runner & Shirts Tucked in Windshield banner. 25,- V$

Shirts Tucked in Stickers 10,-V$
Shirts Tucked in Plate 30,-V$ only 5 pcs. left
Sticky Rice Cake Stickers 3,-V$ or one free with orders over 30V$

Original Tsurikawa Train Handle! 50V$ each and come with free Trurikawa Sticker!

Shoot all ballers Stickers 5,-V$ each
Martial Lights Classic Stickers 5,-V$ each
Olio Fiat Sticker 5,-V$
Japan Racing Association Sticker 8,-V$
Kayashi Racing Sticker 5,-V$
Enkel Sticker 5,-V$
Bride Geki-Isu Sticker original 10,-V$ 7 pcs. left
Bridgestone Classic Logo Sticker 5,-V$
HKS Logo Stickers 5,-V$ each
Longchamp XR4 Sticker 6,-V$
FET Vinyl 13,-V$
AP Racing Classic Sticker 7,-V$
Adan Sticker 5,-V$
Kanjozoku Stickers 5,-V$ each
Miko, Waifu, Hate, Hentai/Sentai, MonoKuma or Retrogirl Sticker 4,-V$ each

Track Stickers 5,-V$ each
Animal Style Sticker 6,-V$
N-Style Sticker 5,-V$
TRA kyoto 5,-V$
Speedhunter Vinyl 10,-V$ each
Speerhunter Stickers 5,-V$ each
CS Garage Stickers 5,-V$ each
Pink Style/ Stacked Stickers 8,-V$ each
Hardtuned Stickers 6,-V$ each
(second row= 2JZ, LS2, RB26, Work Meister)
Tsukuba City Killer Sticker 8,-V$
Night kids Sticker 5,-V$
Ebisu Drift School original 10,-V$ 10 pcs. left
Hardturn original 10,-V$ 10 pcs. left
V-OPT Vinyl 10,-V$

Custom Gearknobs with Harness! Chrome or Transparent in custom color. 60,-V$
Wunderbaum Airfresheners different variations. 6,- V$ each

more to come soon!

Freebee! For all Japan Locals.
Emission Sticker / Parking Sticker / Shaken Sticker

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