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Thirty Fours

-✘ Oh, look whose here again. Short update on what have happened and what is happening these days. Firstly lets talk about my ER34 as I did some things to it as I came up with few ideas while talking with the guys last week, by the way thanks Radcoon and Erwin for good time, come here more often! Anyways back to the point, I went back to "OEM" front fenders because the ones I modified were fucking shit in my opinion, so I got a pair of these from UpGarage for just thirty bucks, also as you can see I got a "new" aero parts for it, I ditched the "Nismo x Ztune" fiberglass front bumper and bought cheap fiberglass "BN" copy from UpGarage, oh I bought rear one too. So no more out of place look. I also modified the rear muffler, cut original exit and welded two pipes, I also heat treated them for "hot boi" look. Now all I need is to repaint the car, so it's one color again. ✘-

-✘ I am sure you are wondering about rear seats, ay ? Yeah you guessed it right, I stripped the rear seats and mounted two bucket seats, also Zeta II's, I am 90% sure I won't be getting a roll cage or going turbo, so why not make it fun, four door drift practice car which also could be a "drift taxi" on a track days, anyone wanna take a ride haha? Of course it required some cuts here and there, and obviously a welding machine, but I managed to make everything fit. ✘-

-✘ I also did some showing off "drifting" this weekend, when guys were visiting me, and oh boy, it is such an experience to carry three more people while drifting, I am sure Radcoon and Erwin had a great time in the back seats, because the seats are mounted a lot lower than front ones it means that for those sitting here it feels like lower center of gravity, similar to go kart feeling, I need to experience it myself sometime too haha. ✘-

-✘ Remember when I said that I got bitten by a carbon fiber bug? Yeah.. I got more things for my GTR. I got Nismo style Carbon front spitter with carbon undertray, Nismo style carbon side skirt add-ons and last but not least, rear Nismo style carbon diffuser part. It looks a lot better than all white add ons. Don't ask me how much I spent on these things, it's damn expensive. ✘-

-✘ Probably unexpected but oh well.. Yeah, long story short I bought another R34. Before you ask, it is not a GTR, it is 1999 GTT manual one. The car is completely stock, except that it has good quality FRP Nismo bodykit on it and some "ebay" brand exhaust with muffler, which is a plus in my opinion, especially the kit. My Advan TC3's were also put on. Also zero accidents, nothing wrong with the chassis or body overall, only few paint problems and scratches here and there. Perfect platform for the build that I have in mind. I am going to turn this car into full blown drift car, and I mean it. Yeah, I am going to drift a fucking R34. Originally the idea was to build the four door for drifting events and so on, but after many doubts and thoughts I decided to go all out with two door, I am sure it will be unique and one of a kind, because as far as I remember I have only seen a few "proper" ones, I can count them on my one hand fingers. Give a month or two and this car will be shredding like no other. Period. This car will be a true neck breaker very soon. ✘-

-✘ Also I am sure that most of you saw that I was selling my S14, I decided to let this car go because I bought GTT, so I needed space and extra money for "activities" , also as you guys know me I hate to keep the cars that I don't even use, also I already made a profit with that car after I sold the 2JZ from it, so that's why I sold it so cheap, I am sure that the new owners will take care of her. They picked it next day after I posted it for sale. ✘-

-✘ So thats kinda it guess.. Now I own three cars and all of them are R34's. So yeah, keep an eye open for further updates, I already ordered some parts for it and I should be going to test fit "rocket bunny" kit for GTT soon, also the GTR's engine is in its final stages of being completed so I should be updating soon again. Peace. ✘-

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