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#144355   2018-07-09 21:02          
So after a quite nice evening/night/morning in Osaka I came back to our workshop which was quite busy!

and the Cresta is back from painting! I went for the original pearl white. And gotta install my Brix soon which I got from yahoo.

After the Wheels are mounted I do a proper update on this...

So About the little AE86. We checked all the fitments at MACKAY's so basically it's good to get some more nice treatment.

With the parts i still had and the help from my friends here the AE is back in Trueno shape.

And it's ready for paint... again.

I changed the front brakes back to the AP's after they got reworked. Simply because I need a bit more stopping power and the bigger disks and 6 piston should help with that.

So far that's it from me. I wait on the bill from MACKAY....

2x ROTM 2018 :)