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#144258   2018-07-07 12:25          
# Mr.Stance : Fuck you dude ! , I was half sleep and this maniac just floored the fucking throttle , Fuuuuuuckkkkkkk
But try to catch me now hahaha , Canonball ? Hahaha

Added 1 minute later:

I got S14 seats in my car , so , i'm good haha
Strato's spine just died hahaha
Ha ha! Gave you quite a shock didn't I? Wait until we get to Colorado!

RIP spine and pelvis, I didn't need them anyway.

Anyway we spent a while in Chicago, saw the Polish community, bought some things from the local Polish shop. My GF and I switched cars, she went into the Levin and I went into the Trueno. Jeez how it feels good to get into some comfy seats. Our next stop will be Colorado!

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