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No problem.
Anyway my brother has offered me two cars.
First on is a Dandelion Yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5

It's a cool car, I have to say there's not a lot of problems with it and it's an RS model so it has a quick-rate 5-speed gearbox and a custom quick-spooling turbo, Ralliart flaps and O.Z. Racing rims. It's in good condition so it might be a good AWD daily.

Curently running on British plates since it was for a customer but the deal fell through
The second one is a Midnight Purple Nissan 180SX Type X

This car is a different story, looks really good but needs some work under the bonnet and running gear, it has a lethargic turbo from constant use and it's close to cylinder head gasket failure as well as an abnormal alignment and worn shocks.

This is a recent import that my brother wanted to work on but he thinks I could pass it down to me, my GF, Mr.Stance, Dr.Zoom or anyone else.
He is offering V€3,150 each (It was V€4500 but he is offering me a reduction, don't ask how or why)
So, Evo or 180?
Possible Italo/Japanophile

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