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Hard Hitter

-✘ Well, Shit.. A lot of things have happened in the last two months or so, so where do I begin ? ✘-

-✘ To begin with first thing I want to talk about is our Family Car Spec BMW F11 as it undergone few changes, it went from bland white wagon to to not so bland grey wagon, so because my wife really likes grey colors in general, I jumped onto hype train and wrapped the car in the hottest color of the 2018, Nardo Grey. I been thinking about wrap on this car since I bought it, so I finally did it. I also installed H&R LOWERING SPRINGS and in addition to that I changed the OEM wheels to R19 AMG EMR2 ones, it is kinda "Mercedes Benz" wheels, but they look good on any car imo, but if anyone have a problem with that, just know that I been putting wrongs wheels on cars as long as I remember.. #throwback Altezza Gita *cough*.. So yeah, even tho BMW is daily beater, I still do cool things with it. #breakingwifescar ✘-

-✘ Another unexpected thing that happened is that we sold our time attack RPS.. Actually we came down to this decision as we over estimated ourselves with this build, not because of driving, engineering or mechanical skills we have, neither money was a problem, but because no matter how much we tried we were no match against factory teams or other privateers, especially in 2018 when most of drivers are either crazy rich or are backed up by big manufacturers, have any of you even seen the new HKS time attack car? That shit fucking FUCKS.. Even tho were underdogs since day one we managed to achieve amazing times around Tsukuba and so on, because of this car a lot of new connections were made and so on, main reason we got sponsored by Toyo Tires, even tho we get basically nothing. That was a good run, but a lot of money, time and whatever, you name it, went into this build. I'm not scared to say that we took an L with this build, but life continues and I am already generating new ideas, maybe we will try circuit racing where every car is same spec and only drivers skills play a major role, we will see. Before you start asking, the RPS is in Russia, Moscow right now, because as always our mutual connections ends here, guys from Динамика34 ( Dynamics34 ) sourced another company which I'm not going to disclose here that wanted to buy our RPS, so we shipped the car, and two weeks later we came to Moscow for a week ourselves, helped the guys setting the car, did some testing with them in NRing Circuit ( Нижегородское кольцо ) and so on. The new owners have a lot of plans for it, and because our RPS is such a versatile platform you might even see it competing in drift evens through europe. ✘-

-✘ Business things aside we also did some "basic" tourists activities, like sightseeing and so on, and I can say that Moscow is one hell of a city, but as you know us, we did it in style, guys from Dynamics34 got us a ride, so all week from hotel to their garage and around Moscow we were driving in Porsche 993 Turbo with GT2 bodykit on it.. Not the type of car that I am used to but ohh man, what an experience driving such thing. Thanks to them for trusting us with such car, but that was not the problem as we are obviously professional drivers, right? Also the people in Russia tries to avoid such expensive cars and keeps distance, so no worries haha. ✘-

-✘ Most of you probably already saw that my R34 undergone few changes too, so to keep it short and simple let me tell you about new mods. Probably the biggest and best upgrade it received is Endless big brake kit - 6pot F:355x32 and 4pot R:332x30, such upgrade was a must, because I am already working on new engine, and no the GTR is not in pieces right now, I bought brand new GT-R N1 Performance Engine Block and I will be building it from the ground up while still driving and enjoying my GTR, not to mention performance benefits that new block will provide, but shhh.. I am not going to talk about upcoming engine, am I ? Another cool thing that I installed is GACHIRRI SUPPORT for better body rigidity as I am keeping it without a cage for sure. Performance things aside, I also installed Carbon fiber trunk and Seibon Carbon Fiber Universal GT Wing, oh and lets not forget Carbon fiber interior pieces and Carbon Fiber GT Cooling Panel which cost me a fortune, never thought that I will be spending money on such things but here I am, I guess I was bitten by a carbon bug. In addition to all the mods I also installed Nismo speedometer, Black Alcantra roof liner and MOMO MONTECARLO steering wheel, just like I did in my old GTR, I just love those wheels. Also as you can see the car is now lowered as it sits on Tein Super Racings because I finally got them. BBS LM wheels got painted in black and dressed up in R888's. If I am sure thats everything that I did? Oh, wait, I also installed Apexi Power FC from Art of Wheel, so now engine is pushing 400HP after remap. Slowly, but surely GTR is evolving. ✘-

-✘ While driving in Tokyo during my "weekend getaway" I also got spotted by Cars Of Tokyo website or whatever that thing is and damn, all I can say is that my GTR is such a beautiful car. ✘-

-✘ S14 that I own is basically a garage queen, the only action it seen was when Radcoon took it to S-Chassis meet to Tokyo in May.. So when Radcoon was visiting me for a custom roll cage for his Trueno last month I offered him to do a shakedown run trough the loop because I know how much he liked driving my S14 during the S-Chassis meet, also I already trust him with this car as I saw how he took care of it during those few days, so what could possibly go wrong, right? Perfect opportunity to test S14, because no hard driving were done after SR swap. And to your surprise it was keeping up with the R34 pretty well, I'm definitely happy with the results. In the end it is just a beautiful show car capable of doing race car things and I am sure that I will keep it that way, as a demo car of our workshop or something like that. ✘-

-✘ Well.. Whose car is dis? Because the S2K is now long gone, I bought myself another car for fucking around, and yeah it is four door, and no it is not a JZX as most of you guys thought, I went with other car as it seems that everyone owns one now, but what can I say, chasers are amazing cars after all. So I bought a stock ER34, and yeah that car which I posted before as preview wasn't my GTR. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It is a 1999 Nissan Skyline 25GT-V which means that it has RB25DE NEO with 200hp under the hood, also it is manual as well. I will try to keep it NA for a while as it is more than enough to get sideways, remember my E46, I was doing tandems with 11K with even less HP, so it is not a problem right now. Also as you can see I already modified it a little bit. ✘-

-✘ When I bought the car it was abso-fuckin-lutely stock in and out, so I changed that. First thing you noticed was probably "R34" front, long story short we made a fiberglass copy of my GTR front bumper and modified it a little bit, so the end result is Nismo x ZTune front bumper mix, of course the quality is on the low side, also you can see that it does not fit flush with fenders, hood and etc. I also modified front fenders, they were widened by good old roll method, I also made some "vents" on it with the help of angle grinder, welding machine and of course body filler. In addition to those mods I also bought "no name" side skirts from UpGarage and fiberglass replica of Tomei headlamp air intake. I guess that is everything for exterior mods. Lets talk about "performancey" things, I guess it is obvious that I ditched stock wheels and bought a set of Work Meisters, this time a genuine ones, because it is JDM car after all duhh. Also the brakes from my GTR were installed into this car for better braking power. Other things that I bought and installed is - TANABE FRONT STRUT BAR for better rigidity, CUSCO Negative upper fornt arms and CUSCO Adjustable Rear upper arms for camber adjustments, NISMO Rear lower arms together with NISMO Rear suspension link set, but the best thing that I installed is HKS HIPERMAX III coilovers, If I am correct 11K runs the same coilovers in his JZX, right? Interior is still intact, I only replaced front seats with Zeta's II and installed Nardi steering wheel. Also, OEM diff was welded as usual and Shao's handbrake was installed. I guess thats kinda it for it. All I can say now, after I had couple of "street" sessions, is that I am more than happy to drive this car, probably the best drift car I have owned, completely different world coming from S2K. ✘-

-✘ Ahh, photo of situation in garage as usual right? What a coincidence that every car that I own is white, BMW is white under wrap too haha. Anyways we are still working Shaos GT86, servicing other people cars and so on, currently we are doing things with a Porsche which is completely different world for us, but I'm sure we will figure those cars out sooner or later. ✘-

-✘ So yeah guys, thats kinda it for this update, a lot of shit happened, and I am sure that even more things will happen soon, if anyone needs anything from me, feel free to come to my garage or contact me, also I would really like to do a meet or something. So yeah, I might stay on the low right now and will go back to doing my thing but we will see, peace guys.. ✘-

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