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Do your best with it, any kind of stance is allowed(slammed, offroad, drag, rally, whatever you wish), custom parts are allowed as well.

Game: SLRR


* You must use THIS mod
* Max 1 picture per user(collages are considered multiple pictures) - you CAN'T change your picture once posted.
* HAVE to be NEW screenshots, nothing you have shown in "Show off" threads(or facebook, or anywhere, not even in your own house, to your mom :)) ).
* Submit in this thread.
* After submitting here - feel free to post pictures in "Show off" threads.
* Photoshop, ENB and any kind of realtime/post-editing are allowed(anything as long as the picture is taken in SLRR).
* Custom parts/meshes are allowed
* Do not edit your post, edited posts will be considered as cheating and will not take part at the final voting(PM ME if you have to edit anything).


All the pictures that will not follow the guidelines will be deleted without notice.

Submit your pictures by 08/July/2018.

Good luck! :)
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