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Orange sockets installed, trunk struts installed aswell. Wanted to swap the Radio Unit but got stuck on dismantling since the screw was different from what I've seen online. Floormats installed aswell, they have great quality, sadly don't have any pictures. Bad thing is that I discovered a wet driver's footwell. Probably either a blocked drain or from the bottom jack point. Swapped the side blinkers to clear ones aswell, the right side was glued in. Probably from a fender bender since the fender is folded at the front, resulting in a not-so-good headlight flush. Will get a used fender for 50 bucks off a partout car somewhere in fall either way. Picked up the front lip aswell, I am amazed that it really was original, unopened from 1996 (!), with original recipe.

Took the car out for a "legal" testdrive without plates, now it pulls better than before. Probably needed a good blast to get all that gunk out of the engine from the previous owners. Still waiting on a readout cable from Asia overseas. Shouldn't have cheaped out 7 or so bucks to get it sooner. Also still waiting on the blinker stalk, warning triangle and door trim from ebay. Fucking lazy ass.

that was the first try, was pretty fun