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In two days, I was so busy on my CRX, The handing was like driving on the ice, I need something more sharper brake and handing that could going well engine that I bought it. I'm pretty good website hunting to get parts. I ordered Tein coilover, Powerflex brushes, Wilwood brake kit all around, Goodridge brake hoses, and Motul dot 5.1 brake fluid. Removing stock brushes was total pains in arse, but at last I made remove most brushes out and replaced to powerflex brushes to let brushes more stiffer than factory therefore it will improve handing, same time I replaced coilover so I could adjustment it. The suspension was finished works, I replace Wilwood brake kit all around, and Goodridge brake hoses, then I topping up brake fluid to get maximum brake performance and deleted air trap.

One guy find out I have OEM rim, he was lovely deal, he will trade RS Watanabe 16 inch, also he will replace 4 tyres because old tyres was badly worn, I test to fit and it does fit nicely, then we got deal. He add new tyre which it call Michelin Pilot tyres (215/25).

She sitting nicely, perfect ground clear.

Meanwhile, Mr Stance want adverting his business so I doing Swapper edition custom fully exhaust system, to improved flow and good noise. The tip I pick may look like OEM but it been larger diameter.

The engine that I mean to before?
Strato's his friend told me he got B18 for sale, the head need rebuild so I got deal. Here what I'm planned; Rebuild WHOLE engine, try minor modding the engine, and I will do adding ITB, sametime it out, I will replace clutch with flywheel.

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