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@Stratowolf Thanks mane ! that would help me a lot !

Added 8 minutes later:

# radcoon : You just gave me an idea how to paint my trueno.
Nice maneee
Hey , you need to visit me in the new/old workshop , and later we can go with both trueno's to ebisu
(The white one is running , and we need to paint it , and i dont want to scratch the new paint , so , visit me dude !
And see the proyects that i got in person

Added 6 minutes later:

Guys, I sold my Toyota Aristo, because I'm fucked up with money, and besides, I damaged the vinyl of the PS13, and I'll also run with the Formula Drift in July, but the vinyl needs certain logos of drift formula, and you have to redesign it whole ...
So I'll take the PS13 to saletl for a new vinyl

(OORP: I also need logos in the glasses, if someone knows how to put the logos, and if they can do it, they would be grateful)

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