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#142115   2018-05-26 03:25          
I'm working in the car

- Oil change and filter: Finished
- Turbo kit: Finished
- Intake: Installed
- Exhaust (from downpipe to tail): Finished
- Reprogrammable ecu: Installed
- Fix gear ratios: Installed
- All belt change: Installed
- Stage 3 clutch: Installed
- Arp studs: Installed
- Metal head gasket 256-85mm: Installed
- Tomei cams: Installed
- Radiator: Installed
- Water pump: Installed
- Fuel pressure regulator: Installed
- 850 CC Injectors: Installed

Now i'm making the tune and correcting some problems , and other things...
Maybe in the sunday is finished the tune and the car will be ready to go.

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# Soju : This is so unique, and I really like the styling!