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First little things for the 200sx

If i can name the 200sx as a project this is the first step, yesterday (how all the updates :)) ) i bought a tachometer, a strut bar and a shift knob in a local shop, i also took the 200sx to an exhaust workshop and asked for a custom exhaust, the guys of that shop helps me with the tacho wiring (i put the knob and the strut bar by myself, fcking easy).

Here some pics of the works done.

The exhaust it's made in stainless steel, that is because i don't want rust on it.

Outside the RP (or not) i have to say i change the car to the RPS13, it's the exactly same car but with no bugs and shit, also i change the engine to a CA18DET, that I did not use before because I could not find some parts (this is also the real engine that comes with the car).

my 30th years tyres are smoother than a slicks

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