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At darkness has fell, the PS13 has finish, just only waiting new up-rated fuel pump arrive because factory verison would not cope with 2JZ fuel system then it will running. I paint cam cover gold match from wheels, and I found new and boxed air intake from Stance shelf and he aloud to keep myself for free. She look like sleeper to be honest. :D

She get new BC coilover (I using non modding spring and damper for reason) and Brembo brake kit disc and pad have loads of life left. I leave my ride height same as OEM so I won't her belly rubbing on the road. Mr Stance was smile to see his old engine installed into my car.

Coilover + Brembo brake kit combo deal from used market - 1,350 V$
2JZ engine from MACKAY - 10,000 V$
Total after spent - 2,000 V$
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