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Dear VS FAM,hope you had lovely holidays and everything.

22Weeks X 750V$=16.500V$

Back then my Chaser had oil problems,heating problems.Turns out my intercooler was the problem causing it to over-heat,the oil problem was linked to the oil pan gasket leaking.No major issues and it still is my daily car,what i did do to it was cosmetic only.It's now Tourer V skirts all around,when i bought it only had the front lip,That's all regarding the Chaser,Cant even remember what i paid for it because it was back in January.

Now for the Supra.I have blown the old turbo setup,i blame it on myself for not handling the manifold properly.Later on it came back and bit me in the ass,had to cash out 3300V$ for a coated manifold with mesaured distance inbetween and the seller told me it was all science,had to believe the man.Turbonetics T-66 Single turbo,new rims,new tyres.Estimated 4100V$ for everything.

If you guys remember my Silvia i still have the engine from it,sitting.I might sell it to someone who offers any money,i might get a chassis and do a drift build,cause my god it has been long since i drifted (legally) and i have some money saved up so I don't know i'm kind of inbetween two things.


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