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# Mr.Stance :
Return to Japan! : Drift season

I have returned to Japan to start in the drift season
I was looking at the auctions to get the car at a low price and I am among these three cars, I would also be helped by some suggestions that you give me

I have seen a Skyline ER34, in "Good condition"

RB25DET engine , manual transmission, with some modifications, Greddy coils, and some aftermarket wheels, although if or if you need a new bodykit when you go to vinilar with the logo of the workshop

I have also seen a 2001 Toyota Aristo V300

2jz-gte VVTI engine, and 6-speed gearbox, in very good condition

And I've also seen a 180sx, quite battered

SR20DET engine running, although it needs a lot of work on the outside to make it perfect for vinyl

If someone has a suggestion about a car to buy, let me know by pm, and if you have a car for sale that can serve me, also let me know by pm or say it here

Why buy a new one? Use the RX (for example).
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