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This week i was doing pretty much nothing, just enjoying my GTR. I did some pulls on the highway and went way over 180 km/h a few times so i figured i could change the speedometer. After a few days of searching i found this Nismo gauge cluster in UpGarage. Parts like this are quite hard to find nowadays but i guess i had some luck this time. I also took off the Defi RPM gauge because the Nismo one goes all the way up to 11 too. For now i'm not sure if it shows the speed and RPM accurately but i'll check it sometime.

A few days ago Mackay showed up to see the GTR, and guess what - he had another GTR. I guess he just couldn't do without one! A friend of his was with him too, with another GTR! I have to say, terrorizing the streets of Tokyo was really fun. Mackay will tell you more about this soon in his RP.