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Meet 13/4/2018

Long time since I posted actually but anyway

Conor's meet was delayed until yesterday because the GardaĆ­ found out about the after meet location. Was kinda bummed about it tbh, was kinda excited for the first meet in ages. It gave me a chance to modify the E36 a bit more tho, which I guess you can say was good.

So the E36 has gotten a few minor mods since I last updated, its gotten:
-a full set of CST Hyper Zero's in 17" from Japonic
-5x120 to 5x114.3 ebay adapters all round
-custom catback made by conor
-banner & M-Sport sticker
-A Renault Laguna lip
-Painted grill black

so these all cost V$965 in total, the wheels costing V$900 alone. Cheap enough for such a big change.

We made our way to the meet at 10 p.m. I forgot to take pictures for some odd reason..but it was a pretty good meet. Got to see some of my OG friends which was nice.
The next location was about an hour drive from the original meet location so it was already getting to be around 2:20 a.m. when we got there.

So me, Conor and a few other friends went to our after-hours spot...which is basically a roundabout.

My friends cars had evolved a lot since I was with them last...before I left PJ (in the yellow S15) had a rusty red TDi Bora and Chris (in the red Civic) had a 1992 Toyota Starlet. Not a GT Turbo...a one liter, base model.

So we got straight into drifting. The E36 performed pretty well I guess. It doesn't have TONS of power but it still has enough to get some smoke going.
Me and Conor tandemed a lot through the night, gotta say it was pretty crazy.

It was about 4:40 when we left. We had an hour and a half drive to do to get home...which we had forgotten. But oh well.
Obviously, being in Ireland it was necessary to leave some rings somewhere. The junction 20 miles outside Galway city was the perfect location I thought.
i thought wrong.

I was promptly pulled over 10 minutes after.

Garda gave out like shit to me as usual, "shouldn't be doing this", "never pass NCT like this" etc etc
Ended up getting a V$350 ticket and a court date for Reckless driving, Illegal tint (where?) and too loud exhaust.
Drove home sad n shit....guess im just lucky my car wasn't towed or anything.
Hopefully I can keep my license after the court date.
gotta pay this fucking shitting ticket now fuck

so thats pretty much it for the meet, will be fitting more parts soon, baii
Parts: -V$960
Fuel: -V$50

Paycheck: +V$940
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