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Turbo is the way to go !

Hey guys , what's up ? It's finally Friday and I've been waiting for this day like a mufugga! :))

So , yesterday my turbo kit for the RSX arrived . After about 3-4 hours in the garage , I finished installing the kit , but the engine needs to be tuned now , because I dont wanna blow it up because I still have stock internals and things could go very wrong if I'm not careful... :morncoffee:

Here's a pic of the engine bay :

Oh, also , a buddy of mine gave me some RPF-1s that he had laying around. The rims already had the tyres on when I bought them , though they are a little bit worn , they should hold up for a while. I paid 700V$ for 'em and I can say for sure that they look really nice on the RSX , plus , they'll give the car more grip.

Here's another pic:

Also , my friend hooked me up with some front fenders and a front bumper for the 180. I paid 625V$ for them. Here's how they look on the car :

They look pretty dang good , but I think that the 180 might need to be repainted soon. Maybe you guys could help me pick a color :D

Tommorow I'll have to get the RSX tuned and maybe even dynoed. I wonder how much power it puts down now...

Thats all for now , see ya guys around !

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