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my stupid VW

hi! i didn't even know this section existed to be honest, and idk if my car is worthy of its own thread but i figured i might as well throw one up here.

2008 VW Golf City
(ignore the obnoxious stickers, these photos were from last year and the car no longer has them!)

This is my first car, unfortunately is automatic, but its a six speed and very fast shifting, not to mention a transmission swap is in the works this summer.

Bought it bone stock in June 2016, and enjoyed the shit out of it till May 2017, when I bought BC's and Advan Model 5's.

The Advans were damaged because in their past life, they were used on a C33 Laurel as drift spares.

Then I decided to run a mismatch for fun - Work Emotion T7R (bought new from Japan!)

And after smashing my oil pan a couple of times I raised it up an inch, which is where its sat for now. I got my license suspended in January, but will get it back the coming Monday, so I had three months to try out a stupid idea.

Cut open my stocks to build myself a set of full clears, and I got the final product today!

Basically brings me to the point that its at today. I'm getting blast pipes built which should be fun, but here is my weird Canadian spec MK4.5! Hope you enjoy, and I'll try to update this whenever I do things.

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