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Project seat-time

Well , the deal went really well , and I bought a missile-ish 240sx. I bought this thing from another guy who used it to learn how to drift , keep in mind that I dont know how to drift yet and this car could help me learn, thats why I bought it. Anyway , let me give you a build break down of this car :

-Stock SR20DET
-Custom rollcage done by a nearby shop
-18" Enkei RPF-1 rims with Advan 245/25 tyres
-Stock suspension
-Bride Brix 1 seats ( shipped from Japan )
-Old and heavly used deep Nardi wheel.

Here are some pics:

I bought the 240 for 5250 V$. I'd say it was worth it , though the front bumper and the front fenders dont look too good. I'm probably going to keep them like that for a while...

I also ordered a set of Scale Innovative coilovers for 800V$. They should arrive in about 3 days.

Anyway , thats all for now , I hope you'll like to see how my skills and my cars get better and better. Anyway , cya guys later !