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Hey guys , what's up?

Some of you may already know me , but let me tell you guys some things about myself. So , my name's Erwin , I live in San Diego California and I am working as a mechanic at my friends garage. I'm all about JDM cars. I've saved up 20000V$ to buy a car and I can say that I'm the proud owner of this Acura RSX-S DC5 , which is 100% stock. I bought the RSX from a friend because he didn't need the car anymore. I bought it for around 2450 V$. I'm planning on keeping this thing as a daily car , but I am going to get my hands on a project car pretty soon , maybe even today , depends how the deal works out. I'm not gonna say what it is so stay tuned.

Here are some pics of the RSX in my driveway :

Thats all for now , wish me luck on getting that project car !

Balance : 20000V$ - 2450V$ = 17750 V$ left