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Ah that really is not worth it...
Of corse it's plausible but there is no graphic in the font for the gears for a 7th (or up) and as you already found out the engine considers the 7th to be the reverse and things get messy if you try to play with that this is very unintended by the game designers, for a manual shift alright but to make the AIs aswell the automatic shift control able to use it, way too much work introducing potential bugs, I also dont really see the reward to risk introducing even more instability in the game.

But from the players perspective: I think the "current" ratio and the "current" gear number is directly editable with the chassis functions I introduced so for a custom GUI (which must be made for this scenario anyway as the original OSD doesn't even define a texture for the 7th gear) and a custom transmission there is no limit on the number of gears; you can set it to 2nd and let the automatic or manual control shift the gears up or down force it back to 2nd but change the ratio and the custom GUI to display the correct gear for the given ratio.
(you can even make a "continuous" transmission changing the ratio every frame for maximum torque (I hope I used the correct notions))