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Little update on the S2000
well its not that small

So the S2K has gone through a medium-sized change since you seen it last. I bought a set of J's Racing skirts from UpGarage for Y42,000 which is pretty cheap for genuine stuff. Had a few scratches here and there but they got resprayed anyway. It got repainted for Y74,000 in Spa Yellow, which is an original color for S2000's. I like it a lot more than the original black.

It's also now sitting on a set of Motegi MR401's that I bought about a week ago i think. Not big enough imo but they do the job.

more shit tomorrow if i remember.
Buying and selling wheels: -V$1,250
Paint: -V$700
Skirts: -V$400
Paycheck: +V$750
Remaining: V$30,980

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