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Civic Is Home!
I went to pick her up quite late last night because the owner wanted to show me what the Civic was capable of even in stock form and oddly he was a frequenter on the Kanjo (figures xD). Also asked around for a K20/4 and i found a perfect swap and the seller wants £2000 and it has some cool stuff on it already such as a K-Tuned fuel rail, tubular manifold and a new intake with a K&N Filter. So imma pick that up in the next coming days as well. (Now the civic i showed was an example as to price for a stock one so this one looks slightly different however its still stock engine)

Plans are as follows: K-Swap, Roll Cage, Harnesses, Steering Wheel, New Exhaust.. Thats it really since a stock K20/4 are brilliant out the box.
Finances: $28,201 - $2000 (K-Swap) = $26,201
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