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A sad day came recently... Had to sell the Supra :( but it was starting to get old and kinda boring. It was a handful to drive and used gas like a mofo. And the reliability of it had started to drop since i built it so i decided to leave the RWD game and look for something FWD and cheap to build. Now when i say Civic youre thinking "A SUPRA TO A CIVIC!?!?!" but i want a K-Swap badly so EG6 K-Swap it is. Found an SIR-2 For $5400 ish. *btw the supra got me back $27,000 Now i mean its a lot but it was a 900hp or so Supra that was well looked after and had a few rare parts on it. Anyway here is the civic - *LINK* Now i guess i gotta get it back to my place and start finding a K20 lmao..
Finances - $6651 + $27000 = $33,651
$33,651 - $5450 = $28,201
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