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tbh i dont really understand anything you just said about the .class with the rims, but i did experiment something with the rims. I was adding the rims one by one and when I got to the v8 pack that ALAN made, it made all the rims past that pack in the catalog disappear. The rims would still have text under it, but no model to display. Everything from pack v8 to v9 (so v8, v8a, v8b, v9) have probably caused a conflict with other rims meshes and scripts (mostly affects the v2 pack and the spare track day rims by AutoSaloon). I check how many rpks I have and it something around 175 or 180 so i'm fine right now. I also don't know how to check if I reached the max memory for the game. If you could possible respond back and help, that would be great.

I uninstalled your reshade and all of a sudden it works...... tf is going on lol

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