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Nice Onevia ! My first first car is a Onevia (240sx coupe) that i bought when I was 16 years old when I lived in Arizona, it was the same color as yours, I bought the car together with my brother, who bought a 200sx, those cars were destroyed! , bad painting , cut springs , lots of bondo , rust , although mine was still working and legal, my brother's was destroyed in an accident and take advantage of removing the engine to my brother's 200sx and placing it in my 240sx (mine had ka24de and his had CA18DET, although the CA18DET gave me a lot of problems, then I repaired the car a bit, I sold it and now I found it, I bought it and I brought it to Japan, and now I made a swap of rb26dett (a motor that I put in the first car that I built in Japan, a 180sx that I built 0, and I sold it, and the owner sold the engine and all that) and now I'm doing some things that I work with in this time
Going back to your car, I love how it is! , it brings back many memories, mine as I told you when I bought it was the same as yours, even the same color!
Keep up with that project, you go very well!

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