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thanks dude! i seen your old Z's, they were pretty nice. Can't say your purple one didn't have a bit of an influence on the decision to buy one.
Updating my other cars since they've been pretty off the grid!


This car got a new set of shoes - traded up my TE37's for a set of Nismo LMGT1 in perfect Supra fitment, with tires. Also scored an OEM wing for 10,000yen so like, get itt.

she makes a g r e a t street drift car.


This is my workhorse at the moment other than the Z. Though now that I have the Z, this car is a little redundant..I love it so much though, I may park it, pull insurance, and go all out. Painted up the aero not long ago, and took apart my crystal tails and removed the red lens.


This car has been so much fun on track. Need need need to hit more track days.


Dropped it off at the Japan branch VStanced Garage to get the aero and everything painted up. This will be fresh as fuck once it's back. I'm tired of the red that's been on this car since the day I bought it, so this will be a major change up. Also going back to a popup front end made me fall in love all over again.

The Z gets a new set of wheels tomorrow!

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