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Well there multiple things you need to do to achieve this.
1st. Take time to learn teqs in Photoshop play around and see what you can learn by messing around with pictures you have taken. (A great way to learn is to find a pic of a SLRR car that has a good shot and try to recreate it with your own hands. That way you learn what they did without stealing! ^~^
2nd. Find a ENB that suits you and something you can run without SLRR killing your pc. I recommend Intel HD or Reshade it shouldnt kill you but not knowing your rig doesnt help me give a perfect answer.
3rd. Try to have fun with it dont be afraid of trying things that look.."Odd" just mess around and then take those teqs and move them over to your RP pics just tone them down so its not overkill LOL.

There Hope that helped! :D