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Note: I'm deaf therefore it mean my English wasn't my first language.
First thing that I wanted to say before I start RP, last my RP is locked because my old laptop working not very well and I forced myself to trade my old laptop to new one but it used laptop, yea I still busy in RL (oof). Anyway back rp.

Aye, my name is Fujio, you can call me Hidden Username. I'm normally petrol-head guy and I'm 24 year old. I just finish Tokyo University (I know it early because everything my work are done) and I quit working clothes store as part time in Tokyo because I was moving to my home land, Osaka, Japan. I was smiles and I looks to forward to get my second car. Yes, I bought second car because I sold car in Tokyo because I don't need it anymore, it was kei car. I was smiles to nice see my house is back and I being looking for car tomorrow plus job too or I won't get paycheck because I'm to tired today, and I have some stuff to unpacking and lots of house cleaning.

Something I'm thinking;
- 4 door heavy sedan?
- Nissan 180sx/200sx?
- Toyota supra (Older type or non turbo model)?
If you got suggest about car that I should buy, just feel free to comment it.

Still I got - 20,000 V$
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