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-✘ Well.. Promised update. Here we go. ✘-

-✘ Before I start, I want to say that this post marks one year of me being here, long story short - it was one hell of a year, a lot of shit happened. But this post is not about that, it is about things happened in the past two months and half, and I kid you not, it was probably one of the most exhausting, stressful and tiring but very rewarding months in my life, you will see why a little bit later. Newly established business, partnership with my friend Shao, got sponsored by tires brand, and hopefully there will be even better things in upcoming months as we are almost ready to take off in the racing world. Oh. ✘-

-✘ First things first I guess ? Lets talk about my E46 as it is completely different car now, well kinda. To make things clear, I sold my Nismo, and before you ask, yes I regret it, but whatever, I will get a new one soon enough. So BMW was my new daily car till recently, that's why I decided to make it good and not trashy as it was before. So, long story short I invested some money and time into it - E46 got boosted and modified in and out. As you can see exterior undergone major changes, the car was repainted in somewhat "Hell-Rot red" color, so no more battle scars and rust issues, for now.. Custom made aluminium front splitter which I made was put on solely for aggressive looks, duck tail was installed too. Clear corner headlights and taillights were gifted to me by Russians from Tokyo, they owe some things to me lol. Also as you can see the car is no longer on RPF1's as I bought Work Meister replica wheels for it. Before you ask, yes it now sits on coilovers too, as I bought second hand Aragosta front and rear coilovers, and adjusted it to my liking. Now lets talk about engine.. M52B28 got "mildly" boosted and now is pushing around 300 horsepower when daily driving on low boost and when there is need I can turn the boost up and we will be seeing numbers in low 400's but considering the fact that I am still on stock internals I don't want to ruin reliability, everything was custom made by me and my crew. As for the turbo I choose HKS GT II 7460 which was made for Lancer Evo's in mind. Also such parts as HKS intercooler, HKS Super SQV III blow off valve, HKS Gauges, manual boost controller, Walbro GSL392 fuel pump and 550cc injectors went into this setup, can't remember other unimportant small pieces. Oh, also the differential was replaced to shorter ratio one from 328i auto, so we went from 2.93 to 3.46, which made quite a difference in acceleration. ✘-

-✘ Also I guess it is time to finally put photos from Nikko event which everyone forgot I guess? I am not going to write anything fancy about it as other guys that went there posted a lot of cool things, so I am just going to drop best pictures here only. The guy that was taking photos was mainly focused on me and 11kRPM, but I want to say that everyone did amazing there. ✘-

-✘ Now lets talk about that "underdog" thing for a little bit, right? Well, as everyone remembers I bought my R32 with the intention of making it full spec Time Attack race car to compete around Japan and possibly even more, but plans changed and I decided to keep it as a "Wangan toy". So as an alternative I bought an underrated RPS13 for 4,5k in "decent" condition, it was running one, but shitty af, a lot of bodywork needed as many exterior parts doesn't align and so on, was used as "fun car" by someone else, but never been in crash or something similar, so everything else is fine, perfect base for our build. Yes it is "our" race car, because I partnered with Shao and our shops are building it together, I am paying for car and doing everything considering bodywork, suspension, and major other things, he and his crew is responsible for engine building and wiring, so it means that this build is basically split in 50/50 both by finances and work. ✘-

-✘ As usual, I fabricated roll cage, custom aero, reworked suspension, brakes system, cut out unnecessary parts of the car, weight reduction things and so on.. Just your usual race car things. Keep in mind that as I am writing this the car is already around 85% done, you will see the current form a little bit later down below. ✘-

-✘ And as for R32.. It haven't changed a lot, only widebody fenders, and custom made diffuser and splitter made by me were installed, oh, and also "humble" remap on E85 was done, so now it is officially passed the 1000hp mark, as we made consistent runs achieving 101(X)hp.✘-

-✘ I guess that everyone thought that I bought R34, sadly, but no I did not.. It is my friends car, which our crew and me will be rebuilding in our spare time. Beaten R34 GTR 1999 Series 1 actually. You will see more of this car later in the future. ✘-

-✘ Now lets talk about the forgotten Z'.. Yes, you guessed it. I decided build it before spring and we actually managed to do it even faster, of course most of the work was done by other guys which I paid money to, as I was busy working myself, only engine and other finishing touches was done by me.. As I have said before I am taking similar route as I did with Cressida, as it will be "restomod" too if you can call it that way. Most of the parts were replaced by new or sourced trough mutual connections, so I am confident to say that my Z' is in amazing shape, better than new in my opinion. As usual, dark purple color, must do thing of my restoration projects as you see, haha. Before I start talking about the engine I want to say some things about suspension as it is running on not your ordinary coilovers, because I haven't found any coilovers which I like, I had them custom built by TEIN Japan, expensive but worth it and of course unique. Also custom made disc brake kit for the rear and upgraded front, also I bought Watanabes wrapped in my fav' tires Proxes, #alreadysponsored. Oh and interior was completely resewn in light brown color, my all time favorite interior. ✘-

-✘ As for the engine.. At first I was thinking of keeping the stock L24 or upgrading to a better L28 stroker or so, but after long thinking I bought RB25DE with 5 Speed manual transmission. Of course as you know me, I modified the engine a "little" bit with custom parts, and instead of going turbo I choose to stay NA and went with ITB setup, so we are looking at 225hp, which is more than enough in my opinion for such cars, ain't no race car there, just a quick good looking Z'. ✘-

-✘ Situation in the garage at the beginning of the January. Who's mans is that white RPS ? Oops..✘-

-✘ Now the fun part begins, lets talk about our Silvia.. I am not going to do a full in depth review of it now, I want to make a complete post about it sometime in the future, when it is completely finished. So for now just basic important things. The car is sitting on Tein Super Racing Coilovers accompanied with custom suspension setup which was made by me, of course there is room for improvement, but it is good for testing stages, also PB BBK both front and rear 6 POT calipers, front being 356mm and rear 330mm, astonishing braking power. I believe everyone is thinking what kind of bodykit is this, I bought an authentic GP SPORTS G-SONIC EVOLUTION body kit and modified it a little bit, of course the car is still missing big wing and crazy front splitter, which I will make later in future. Stock hatch was also replaced by BN SPORTS Hatch. As for interior, brand new Recaro Pole Position seat, Nardi wheels. As for the wheels I went with R18 Motegi Racing MR401 wrapped in R888 Tires, 265' front and 305' rear, looks awesome and very functional in my opinion. And as for the engine.. We are keeping SR20.. Well, to be more specific SR22 as we stroked the engine, Shao did amazing job at modifying it, will be pushing big numbers, mark my words, easily in 700 or 800 hp range, maybe more, we will see. Can't say more now, wait till the full review in upcoming month or so. Here is some pictures of its current form, still missing livery and stuff, but those things will come last. ✘-

-✘ Good things did not stop there, as I got a new "daily" car for myself a week or so ago, and yes it is one of the cars that I wanted for a long time, I actually even tried to buy such car last year in the January lol, but I didn't won any bids.. It is a Series 8 1998 Mazda RX7 RS, everything I wanted from a RX7, a 280ps engine, 5 speed manual and etc, this will be my new "daily" project car, which I will keep, I want to make it as beautiful as possible as it has few problems here and there, but overall very nice condition, nothing I can't handle, and the 13B is in good condition too. It is still painted in original Pure White color, and is completely stock in and out, the only things that is added or changed are extra temperature gauges, and BBS RM wheels, which I will be replacing very soon. Yes I know some of you might say I made a huge mistake going rotary, but whatever, I like those engines a lot, always been fascinated by them, lately my love for FD's and rotaries were growing, and I just had to get them, I don't know why, but those cars remind me of my "young" days when I used to ride 2-stroke motorbikes haha, the smell and everything that rotary makes, ahh.. This will be kinda "show car" status car, but I am not going to "baby" it either, it will see some action too. Here is some photos from my trip to Hakuba, I wanted to see some snow, and went there with my wife for a "weekend getaway". Take a look. ✘-

-✘ And now the current situation in the garage, picture that I took today. All I can say is that my garage are growing and growing day by day, now I theoretically own six cars. I am sure that by the end of this year I will have my dream garage and all the cars I want, that's the goal, more or less I will try to achieve it, we will see what 2018 brings us. ✘-

-✘ Well, that's kinda it for now.. I think I will be doing more, but smaller updates as my main focus now is the RX7 and RPS13, so I will try to keep you updated as much as I can, remember that I am working full time in my shop, and doing various things on the side to fuel my wallet and etc, basically hustling day in day out which means I have very limited time to focus on social media and so on.. Anyways, thanks guys everyone, see ya all soon. ✘-