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#136012   2018-01-20 14:01          
# marcus915 : Yes, can do.

# marcus915 : !Script error

Thread: THRD-RUNVMI Dummy.handleEvent
Error: Thread::callMethod: ";opt5(Ljava.lang.String;)" not found (line:381)
java.render.osd.Gadget:sendMessage (line:211)
java.render.osd.Button:click (line:31)
java.render.Group:handleEvent (line:178)

It is obviously looking for opt5, for some reason, as i could see there's no opt5 in your java so i really have no clue what's going on. Are you sure that's the java you were using when that happened?

Added 51 seconds later:

# skip : I'm having problems with 3DS Max.
When I'm importing a 3ds file of the map I'm making I'm getting a 3dsimp error, causes it to force close too. Happens with every file. The said file opens in 2009 so if there is any way to get Invictus export plugins into 2009 it would be better.
Any help?

It's in the download area, tools section, comes together with the TrackWizard 2.0
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