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Hey guys ive just moved into Nagano from the uk, im really loving the japanese culture and all the sweet jdm goodness, im surprised on the amount of euro cars over here but thats good as i know my way around them.

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Now i moved into a small apartment on the out skirts of Nagano about 2 weeks ago and immediately knew i needed to get a car as although the public transport is good in japan i hate the 2 hour commute every morning. luckily my bosses mother had just had a new car and her old one was for sale. i dont know many people here and it was a working car that had been looked after all its life so i spent the V$2500 on the car and drove away. so here she is

yes I managed to get a VW Vento MK3 with the 1.8 kr engine. its in that ugly grey colour but has minimal marks and has only got 75000km on the clock so its a great reliable daily.
now driving around was amazing but I soon missed been lowered and looking good as id drive past so many cool cars i felt like i just blended in so i was able to fit a cheap set of coilovers for the car from Australia and got them shipped over, they only took 5 days to come and while i waited for them to come I decided to take a trip to osaka to get a set of wheels. the coilovers arrived and I put them on the car the friday night along with the wheels that had brand new rubber allround. after messing with the height for a good 2 hours im now happy with the car and it will probably stay like this as a respectable daily for now.

The wheels are Messer ME03-3 at 17x10

so thats where i stand at the moment i now feel cool and this is the type of 'dub' im used to seeing back in the uk. im still yet to meet any one at all that shares the passion i do as all i do is eat sleep and work but I heard ebisu has an event on this week that i might take a drive down to.

Car V$2500
coilovers V$600
Wheels+Tyres V$1600
= V$15300

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