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#135621   2018-01-13 13:10          
# amilmand : This is the first I hear of it how did it happen?

Added 10 minutes later:

Aaand also how did you lose all the progress? The game should autosave when you go out to races or to the dealers.
(if it crashed during saving your cars should be in the save/temp directory and the main file should be intact in the original save/carrer/<profile name>)
It happened when I was about to face the 20th position of the Green Slip club. My problem was that I was still in my very first session of night races after doing tons of daytime races. I think it didn't save because I haven't been to the garage once while battling my way to 20th. Error log only sad "Invalid wear!".

Also, what ALAN said, it's kind of annoying. It'd be nice if we could have different reflection maps to choose from. And the screenspace reflections make it look super weird, when things mirror on the car that could never possible be mirrored in that place.

Another thing I came to think about while playing was, that I'd love to add other cars and remove some that are there already, but it doesn't really work because of the prices (most cars I thought about adding are way too cheap in the catalog/showroom compared to the rest of the game due to the part prices).

Though I gotta say this is really fun to play, and pretty much the first version of SLRR that made me enjoy doing the campaign!

I'm a noob :3