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Your Civic definitely reminds me of the FNF days, hooly throwback. That JZX100 is insane!

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Moshimoto Tyres

and picture heavy btw

So this is an update going over mainly just the Civic. I had planned to update on everything.....but I just didn't.. so this will do.

So basically the kit (besides the hood) has been fitted. Nobody sells the EJ2 Bomex hoods anymore so it's gonna be hard to find one but I will eventually.
I have had the kit for a while now but I just never fitted it. I had some free time so I decided it would be better to fit it instead of leaving it to sit in the hallway in my house.

Took a while to remove the old bumpers and skirts. It was hard to fit the jack under the car, it's lower than I thought tbh

The garage was kinda busy today, we had an AE86 and a JZX100 Mark II.

I loved this JZX100 - it was super low. It could barely get in the door without scraping.

It was running staggered CST Hyper Zero and Work Vienna Kreis and was tucking haarrdd.
May have the JZX bug now. Might have to pick one up some day.

Anyway, back to the Civic - I had fully fitted the kit after a while and it looked sooo good (to me)

But now for the biggest and my most favorite part - the wing.

I really think this sets off the build in the way I wanted to. It has that 1999 feeling imo.

Next up is to replace that crusty exhaust tho

Took the Civic out for "photoshoot" once I had finished - after all I still needed to drive this home.

/\ loved this shot for some reason

That's it for now anyway. I love how the Civic looks currently and next thing up for it paint and other little things - like white tails or y'know, turbo.
bye for now lol

also quote cause new page lol
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