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Hmm that is strange the data stays there (I mean the UVs) I uploaded a new one try that (LINK) (I changed the handling of the UnkownMapIndices)

Added 31 minutes later:

Also there was an update in the reshade-shaders github concerning the Antialias shaders
there is a newer version on there (LINK)
I also uploaded only the new AA shaders: LINK 
maybe they addressed the issues you are having if not you can always check the reshade forums I didn't modify reshade too much the
info there should be mostly(regarding AA surely) relevant (LINK)
but keep in mind this version of reshade for slrr is based on reshade 3.0

Added 1 hour 24 minutes later:

I read up on this AA issue: the GPU side MultiSampling (including SuperSampling) needs to be disabled to properly make a depth stencil replacement and get the needed DepthTexture for the depth dependent post-process effects (AO, DoF) so thats that either MultiSampling or AO, DoF and post-process AA this has been the case for a long time so I dont expect it will change in the near future (especially for d3d9).

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