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Crazy Part: 3

The Corrado has had a bit, well a lot of changes since I've bought it back in July and this is its final form.

So does it earn the "Crazy Status", oh yeah it does.

This is gonna be a long update

The car has had a complete overhaul nothing on this car is left untouched,now lets go down the list shall we.


Starting from a humble G60 Supercharged PG motor I upgraded to the engine that I always wanted in this car the VR6, I had the engine fully built, block and head has been ported by 2mm, new crank, new pistons and con rods, cams, new MK4 R32 Golf Valves and high performance valve springs new injectors with a high performance fuel rail and tbh I never knew VR6 parts were so affordable I mean it was costly but way less than the K20 build I did a while back, with all this parts they need to be pushed to the limit and how else can they be pushed ? Forced Induction, but not just 1 turbo, but 2 turbos.

The turbo setup on this is a twin turbo built on the idea of a sequential system a Borg Warner Airwerks S300SX3 60mm for low rpms while the other is a Garrett GTX4294R 70mm for high rpms, the cooling setup is a custom Air to Water intercooler system which is superior to the usual air to air intercooler and it was easier to make this setup fit compared to an Air to Air setup since I had no space for a big intercooler but I did keep my AC.


Before I get to the power output I gotta discuss the drivetrain there is only one guess and if you thought about it, you guessed correctly; an AWD syestem thanks to a transmission and transfercase from a MK4 R32 Golf GTI matted to a MK5 R32 Golf GTI limited slip differential which I got for a reasonable price with a Stage 2 Autotech Clutch and Light Weight Fly Wheel, and with this combo it retains a ton of power, but I had to get a N2MB WOT Box 2 Step and No Lift Shift system to reduce the chance of missing gears and damaging my transmission, it also grants me the ability to never lift off the gas inbetween shifts to keep in boost and it is nuts plus with a 2 Step System.


The car makes upwards to you know what I'll let the charts do the talking:

Yup @ 30psi [insert Jeremy Clarkson Screaming Power] I have yet to run it on E85 I've chosen just to keep it on pump gas so I may get the car tuned and run on E85 soon so I can expect death defying power readings but even as it is the car spins all 4 wheel in 2nd gear which is just mental I literally almost shit myself testing the 2 Step:

It is insane.

Running Gear

The running gear is basically the same I had before, the D2 coilovers stiffened and the car lowered but I changed the bearings, knuckles and bushings on the trailing arms and had new stiffer sway bars mounted, what has been changed completely was the brakes, I sold the Ferrari brakes and with the earnings bought a set of 4 Pot Brembo Calipers and Slotted Discs you've already seen the rims and tyres 17 x 10 White Fifteen 52 Tarmacs wrapped in Toyo R888s.


The color is something close to what I painted the Mustang but it shows up green at night and grey in the day, I replaced the lip spoiler with a larger more aerodynamic one, the headlights changed to projecters and the active aero spoiler I replaced with a carbon fiber version, the car still retains the 80s era hood bra and not to mention the exhaust sticking out the left fender with some tasteful flamed aluminum shielding.


I wanted the car to be useable as a drivers car while still being a "race car", I had the sound deadening taken out and an Eight Point cage installed which adds to vehicle rigidity, I managed to keep atleast 40% of the interior intact. I bought a Momo racing wheel and some cheap but comfortable reupholstered racing seats with racing harnesses. You may be wondering about the LED screen, I'm using a Haltech ECU but to get accurate readings I had it wired and programmed through my media player to be displayed through the retractable screen making it act as a stealth data display logger when necessary.

This is the final stage of the Corrado there's nothing else I can possibly do to it all I could do now is use it to its full potential and probably try not to die whilst doing that.

Ik this update was long but I wanted to get into detail every piece thats been done on it since VR6 builds aren't so common, this is one build down another round of pocket raping to go.

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