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@amilmald but isn't downsampling a form of AA? Like battlefield for example has this built in where you could scale the game resolution, even if your monitor is not capable of rendering such a resolution, the software still renders it(even if you cant see it) and scales it down so the edges are smoothed.

I fixed the reshade, it wasn't working because I had the old download and didn't read that part about the path, fixed the correct path and now it's working.

My question is, is the reshade in any way or form connected to the system and sl folders? Not that I don't like your mod, I just prefer to use LE BB93's(which is a light edition update of BB93's game) since it allows you to tune and paint/repair the car when you're on a map, as well as all the other functions. It would be great if you could implement the improvements done to your patch to BB93's files. Also why did you remove the noclip camera mode?

edit: damn i need to learn to read first lol

edit2: Does reshade mess with nvidia control panel settings? Because even at 4K my game looks like fucking shit, jagged edge galore fuck that shit

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