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Project 2018

Now this year is gonna be epic as shit, I have a few things planned and few places to go but first lets talk about "De Builds"

Now the SC300 has been on a full tear down its basically a shell right now, I've checked the entire car for any signs of rust and lo and behold there isn't any but there was a a shit load of mold and algae built up in the engine bay but it was nothing a power washer couldn't fix, next I need to get all the suspension off and starting making the list of parts I need for the rebuild, for now the car is as naked and bare as it could get.

I also took apart the motor for a rebuild since its been sitting for way to long, I plan to get a new cam, new valve springs, a Fast LSX intake with new fuel lines and injectors, longtube headers and the usual new head covers nothing major just enough to make manageable power N/A, may not do forced induction because to me that might be overkill.

This build is gonna be thorough all the way through.

Now on to the normal rides

I have given the GTR a new look nothing to extreme:

Work Emotion CR 2P GT Silver 19"

HK Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip

C-West FRP Side Skirts

Varis FRP Rear Diffuser

Just sprucing it up a bit I've been driving it much more often and I decided to make it look good I sold the Vorsteiners and bought the Works instead, its a better fit in period correctness, I mean a Japanese combo what can go wrong ?

For the past few weeks it has been my daily since the Mustang has been out of commission and have been thinking of selling the Mustang entirely or renting it out, I mean I have too much cars to manage I'm running myself dry with my spending habits and I think I may to consider those options.

The 180SX however goes in 2018 unchanged and it would stay that way I'm contented with how it is, Type-X gang all the way !

And finally after 3 months of work and a whole shit load of spending the Corrado is finally finished and I shall reveal it at a later date but heres a peak of the monster:

Yes it spits hell fire.

This year is gonna be electric


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