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don't tempt me guys LOL

So here is the other car I bought from another Cooldown member.

Whoop de doo its another S-Chassis hahaha. However I've never owned a coupe before, and never had an N/A SR20. This thing was bought from a guy who was using it for parts, and my friend pieced together all the missing panels and dropped in a fresh motor, intending to use it as a clean street car. He needed the money to fund his S15 project, so I said fuck it, I'll gladly take this car off your hands.

Its got the desirable Aero front bumper and USDM 240SX trunk wing, and yes the front end needs a bit of paint match but this car is turn key, ready to go and reliable.

SR20DE (Red top)
Toda headers
Tomei Poncams
Tomei XPreme muffler
Koyorad radiator
Tomei rocker arm stoppers
Nismo 1.5way LSD
326power Chakuriki GT+S coilovers (Valved for 8k/6k)

And she goes good.

I think this car I'm going to try to keep it simple - keep it four lug, maybe build a high compression N/A SR. But at the same time, fully dumped on BN aero and large chromes is calling my name too..
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