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Swap Kits Are Handy!

I already know its not been very long getting the swap done but i had some very good help and a swap kit and a little knowledge with Nissans already

After ripping the SR out, I got a hand from Skip who came in clutch helping me wrangle this huge engine into the bay of the S15.. Now the engine i went with is "decent".. To say it came from an R34 GTR. Yes i revealed i swapped in an RB26DETT, from an R34 which means 6 Speed however that gearbox is AWD and i cant really use it so thats being replaced with a RB25DET gearbox which is a 5 Speed *cue sad faces*..

I got a swap kit from a really good friend who bought one a long time ago but never used it because he decided to run a 2JZ instead. He also lent me some Fifteen 52 F40 Rims so i can see what rim style i wanna run and im gonna say i like the look of em already!

The engine isnt fully finished yet, it runs but i need to button up some things like the turbo air filters and downpipes and bolt the intercooler on fully.
But it was an expensive swap and i dont think im gonna run a different setup tbh, i like the grassroot style of drifting, you know running stock engines and making them work because RELIABILITY, haha wtf is that shit?!

RB25DET Gearbox - $600
$3,801 - $600 = $3,201
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