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Heyy! Used 2uz-fe bought, cheap meaning I know something wrong engine but it runner but I want to blow engine up :D . Front tubing was finished then take snap, mean while I kept mock fit to make bracket for mount engine and gearbox. I have wiring done, thanks my friend yesterday. He reward me lovely Apexi ECU. What wrong engine? Last owner ditch engine because he add turbos but he don't make piston and con-rod stronger. It kinda got compression leaking but I want to blow up anyway. Engine started without caught problem. Sound like hurt, also I bought custom exhaust too.

There drift contest for newbie drifter coming up, prize is 50,000V$ also there prize for 2nd and 3rd too, shall I sign up? I could try to win and spent prize money for better engine, maybe give good paint?

I'm shorted cash for suspensions, wheels, brake and seat...

Before - 3,280 V$
Engine & Exhaust - 1750V$
After - 1,530 V$
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