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# marcus915 : check what transmission that is - you mentioned it being a 6 speed so it more than likely is a V160/161, might be worth a good amount of money. Car looks clean though!

The car has had a swap to the V160 6 speed from its orginal W55 5 speed sometime in its life, and given the price of the 6 speeds these days I'm gonna say that swap was pretty early in its life as well the service history or what was left of it anyway shows it had a service back in 2000 and nothing else.

Idk I may keep it for a while and just sell the engine but it was a neat find actually.

# skip : Nice! I guess we both got new pos today.

At least your hunk of shit works mine doesn't :v

# Soju : Considering the price, I think it is a nice find!

Ikr, pretty fair and the estimater repair cost was V$3,000 so I got a pretty nice price for this thing.

# therealkingmat : Another SC! Im not alone now! Good luck with it!

Indeed you are not alone SC Owners UNITE !

# saletl : nice one. lookin forward to the progress

You're gonna see some serious shit my friend.


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